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All-Purpose Sublimation System

It can print so much more than you can image

This intelligent J.Trans® all-purpose sublimation system is created for all your requirements for sublimate on a variety of substrates. It includes a variety of sizes and shapes such as standard ceramic mugs, latte mugs, cat and dog bowls, ceramic tiles, photo slates, glasses, aluminum bottles, stainless steel tumblers, etc.

Apart from its multifunction, it features on high quality printing result. You will get impressed with no color difference for numbers of mugs printed at once.

This system is particularly recommended for customers that want to save cost on labor and space, pursuing best finish on sublimation substrates.

They are the best helpers

This system includes the smart heat oven and tools such as sublimation printers, sublimation papers, vacuum sealing machine, shrink bags/sleeves and mug wraps which can help you print more.

Better pressure brings beautiful results

The newly-launched shrink bags is a useful printing tool and perfect for sublimation printing by oven or vacuum press. Just put a sublimation substrate into a bag and vacuum it, then you can start printing. The shrink bag can bring higher pressure and wrap the substrate tightly, which will present very beautiful and vivid printed colors.


BestSub innovative vacuum sealing machine will give you a brand new sublimation experience. Featuring the powerful vacuum pump and automatic sealing function, it can vacuum and seal the substrates inside at once when used with our shrink bags. This machine not only can help to wrap the regular-sized mugs and irregular-shaped mugs tightly, but also can provide a perfect solution for sublimating flat items such as tiles, slates, plates and more. They will be pressed very tightly with the images without any space, so there will be no more blur but vivid colors on the pictures after printing in the oven.


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